For Hotel Staff

Guest Messaging: The Winnotel platform brings endless quality services to reach in-house hotel customers. Features like push messaging, in-house promotion and general messaging enable hoteliers to access the guest needs and communicate with guests in any languages
Ticketing: The Winnotel ticketing tool provides hoteliers to manage, track and dispatch customer requests. The performance function evaluates how well the hotel staff serve their guests till the services are totally completed
Guest feedback: No more worry about the unhappy guests when leaving the hotel. No more painful about the negative feedback from post stayed guests. The real-time feedback tool from Winnotel platform will track the guests' satisfaciton with their stay at any time.
In-room Advertisement: Saving a huge budget of marketing in flyers and brochures as well as saving a plenty of time in promotion design and content. This marketing tool offers various options of content management and template for hoteliers to design their own promotion and coupon. Furthermore, the hoteliers have opportunities to design as many different promotion to different rooms as they would like to.