Overcoming the Language Barriers with Hospitality Translation

The hospitality industry is all about making your guests ‘feel at home.’ What causes hindrance here is the language barrier. The language in which you are offering your services might not be same as the language that your customers speak.
For example, a group of foreign tourists visit an attraction but find that there are no maps or brochures available in their language. What will happen next is that they will soon lose interest and shorten their stay.

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Sense of being at ‘Home’

Ensuring that your guests always feel at home is the key for forming lifelong customers. What comes in the way of that is – Language Barrier. To overcome this hurdle, the travel establishments should invest in hospitality translation. The more connected the guest will feel, the longer they would want to stay and invest in your establishment. Thus, it will yield greater ROI for you!

So, what all things should you translate? Things like symbols for elevators, restaurants, washrooms and exits, are internationally recognized, but if you want to use words as well, you must translate them. If you are providing maps, itineraries, guides, brochures and any legal agreement (disclaimers, policies), then it is a must that you get them translated into the languages that your guest speak, so that they can get a better hold of what you are trying to convey.

Website Translation

Make sure you also pay attention to your website – since guests refer to it before, during and after their stay to get hold of detailed information. A multilingual website or a localized website gives people the benefit of accessing the website in the language of their interest and also creates a sense of being at home.

It is important that you reach out to a professional translation agency, and get your website localized according to the local language and culture. This gives your visitors a sense of feeling welcomed and also breaks the language barrier to a large extent!

This is also the best way to reach global audience and find exposure for your business.

Choosing the right words is very critical in hospitality. Any little mistake can affect your stature amongst your customers. Words with similar meanings might work, but only that ‘perfect’ word will genuinely convey your emotions – and this is why you should always get in touch with a professional translation agency for all your translation needs.

By Suvarna Choudhary

Source: Lingual Consultancy Services

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