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In 2019, Winnotel Technology Co. Ltd.  is a startup company in hospitality industry that builds up an application in a tablet which will replace the traditional telephone in the hotel room. We design this advanced cloud-based platform that enables hotel guests, hotel staff and hotel manager interact to understand each other clearly without a communication barrier. The Winnotel Technology project underwent a successful 3-year incubation period by Empower Startups from 2019 to 2021. Our concept for this project is presently in the ongoing phases of research and development, with a current focus on the Vietnamese market.

In 2024, the company name is changed to Winnotel Investment to invest, develop and expand itself to different industries such as food & beverage services, restaurant, accommodation,travel and education.  

Our Current Projects


It's our honor to have Empower Startups be our venture advisor. We together work on this project and successfully grant a great relationship with market research and technique support sites


(We are currently looking for a space for our future restaurant. The location is coming soon)


We are proud to be a part of Shunny's team where they started to focus on North American region


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